“I went to see Liezl, knowing that I needed to make some big changes in my life, but I was so confused, that I was unable to clearly see what, and where I needed to start. In the kindest, subtlest manner, Liezl, helped me discover what I actually wanted and needed to do, and then assisted me in putting the ideas into a practical and achievable plan. From the day I walked out of the first session, I had a skip in my step. I felt like I was taking control of my life again. I knew what I needed to do, where I needed to be, and most importantly that I would get there. She changed my life. It was great to examine my life holistically, and rediscover my strengths and to focus on implementing that into my future. Liezl is incredibly experienced with understanding people. She is very positive and seems to know just what to say, to get you thinking and then triggering your own thoughts to actually help yourself!”
Mother of two boys and Game Lodge owner
“When life happens at lightning speed, fast answers and quick results are the expectation for most things. Personal growth in my mind was something achieved over a long time. So when the opportunity to do Life Coaching was introduced, my first thought was that I should wait until I have more time to spend on it. Can lasting change happen in only 12 weeks? The reality was that Liezl, through expert guidance and gentle nudging, managed to unlock elements of myself and my life, from the very first session. She helped me find answers and sometimes the Questions I needed to ask of myself. For me the journey was self-worth and the importance of giving myself priority in my life. In doing that the rest of my life seems to fall into place. Liezl has a natural instinct and ability to take you on a journey of self-discovery while creating a comfortable and safe environment. Each session brings a different dynamic to the journey but builds and elaborates on the previous. I have had the privilege of meeting Liezl before starting Life Coaching Sessions with her. Having devoted her life to enhancing the lives of others for many years, starting a Life Coaching Practice is the most natural progression for her.”
Manager, RE/MAX Independent Properties
“I am Venessa Smuts, owner of VenSure Insurance Brokers. I am 44 years old with 2 girls aged 19 & 14. Life is pretty crazy at the moment – but so it is for most people. I have known Liezl for quite some time and value and respect her guidance and council. When she shared with me her decision to embark on Life Coaching, I knew that I needed to see her. The past few years I found myself frustrated & stressed with the responsibilities of life, playing the role of wife, mother, housekeeper, taxi driver, business owner and at the same time trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and finding time to relax ... the demands seem endless and overwhelming. Before I met with Liezl, I found myself constantly trying to improve my frustrating situation - without wanting to make any changes or take any major leaps. Within my first session with Liezl, she helped me identify that my work was causing me the most stress. I love my job, but the load was just too much. Once I could identify this, Liezl helped me “self-assess” what I could do to improve the situation. I was overwhelmed at how I had become my own worst enemy, allowing myself to stay in a situation which caused me so much frustration, simply because I feared change and refused to take action. We discussed some options and these I put into action and immediately felt such a relief. I was finally moving forward. We all have area’s in our life which we know causes us frustration, but have blockages in finding solutions to them. Life Coaching is fantastic in helping one move forward in a manner which resolves issues and put into ACTION a means to solve obstacles, whether it be financial, health, relationships or anything. My expectation when I met with Liezl was that I would receive a counseling session, but she simply helped me look within and find the answers to my problems. I find Liezl’s life skills to be so helpful – she has so much to offer. I feel like I have found a life-line and will most definitely make use of Liezl again and again.”
“Liezl Pape of Living Proof Life Coaching is simply living what she is called to do. She inspires with the greatest of ease. You can see in her eyes, her smile and actions that it brings her the greatest of joy in helping another human to be the best they can be. Liezl will make you think in such a different light, she lights the way to positive actions so that you can become better, best, at what you are called to do. Liezl has kept me in the “now moment” so I can focus on what needs to be done in order to reach a future goal that I will think too far ahead and feel it’s too overwhelming to achieve. Where you see negative, she will show you the positive and will help you stay focused and on track to reach your goal. I recommend Liezl to anyone that needs a boost in confidence in themselves, to reach the next goal of their dreams and to achieve their best in whatever area is bringing challenge whether its studies, career advancement, career change or mind-set change. Her positivity breathes life into action.”
Single mother of three; Business Owner
“Man needs to choose, not just accept, his destiny”
“This simple but profound quote from THE FIFTH MOUNTAIN by PAULO COELHO best sums up my decision to invest in Life Coaching. My journey with Liezl has only just begun, but I sense the positive outcome of this investment in my business, and, maybe more importantly, in myself, is already evident. Liezl wouldn’t be a Life Coach if she didn’t have that ability to find you exactly where you are at and build you from there. But she has so much more than that. She has the ability to make it fun, she has the ability to make it feel as though it is all coming from you, she has the ability to make you want more. I am so excited to be starting this journey with you, Liezl, and can’t wait to see where it takes us.”
Pharmaceutical Sales Agent, Lynne Edge Agencies
“I didn't know quite what to expect from Life Coaching, and to be honest I wasn't completely sure I needed it. Life Coaching, to me, sounded a bit like something for someone who was having a breakdown of sorts and needed help. However, I had fairly recently been widowed, completely unexpectedly, and considering I had two fairly young boys to raise I thought perhaps I could do with an extra bit of help dealing with my "head space" so to speak.

Suffice to say Life Coaching with Liezl is a life changing experience. She helps you look at yourself, your values and your way of dealing with everything in life. Liezl basically opens up a whole can of worms, but she does it so graciously and sensitively that you can stare at the stark facts without feeling hopeless. Rather you feel empowered to change. To face life with renewed vigour and rise to the challenge of living this life out being the best version of yourself. I am probably slightly biased but I do think that Liezl is the absolute best life coach ever. The reason being that she genuinely cares about people. This is not a money-thing for her, it is her life mission, and that makes all the difference.”
Artist, mother of two boys
“Life Coaching..., a scary word for most men. We are supposed to know what to do, right? Oh well, we live and we learn.
I came to the conclusion that there are two types of men; those who make use of a Life Coach and those who haven't realized yet that they need one. We can all be better versions of ourselves.
Liezl has a way of navigating you through your thoughts and feelings, almost like a guided tour of yourself, arriving at answers and conclusions you didn't expect. She creates an environment in which you can explore your thoughts and throw ideas around. Life Coaching with Liezl improved my relationship with my wife, my family, my business life as well as helping me to steer clear from those bad habits we all develop over time (we each have our own).
One thing is for sure, you have to commit and do the work. Liezl is a Life Coach, not a paid spectator to your life. If you want to change, be the change! Help her to help you.
Life Coaching with Liezl was worth every cent and every second of my time. I've never looked back after that first time I sat down with her.
If you want more, give Life Coaching a go. The people around you deserve it.”
Business Owner - rensburg.works
“Imagine a neutral, calm space outside of ordinary life. One where you can think, be and contemplate life. Your life. Imagine a mirror being held up; one you look into to see truth. You’re allowed to look at the ugly, the beautiful and work through what is what.
There comes a time when we need to be able to do that, look ourselves in the face and see who’s actually there.  To be given tools for moving beyond our often false beliefs about ourselves and to do it in an emotionally safe place.  This life coach journey has been intriguing, fascinating, challenging, enlightening, eye opening. It has brought perspective.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!”
“Life coaching with Liezl has absolutely rocked my world. She has a gift with people that are so rare. She helps you to get right down to your deepest ‘issues’ without making you feel unsafe in any way. Life coaching with her has taken me back to a place where I could rediscover myself. When I say back, I mean the two-year-old, free spirited, compassionate, creative, happy girl who wanted to be everyone’s friend. The past few years there was little to be seen of that girl. During the years I had learnt to accept certain beliefs and values that made who I really am so small and insignificant to myself. This in turn has a huge impact on every aspect of my life, spiritually, in my work and relationships and mostly in my personal growth. I felt alone, depressed, overwhelmed and I had no practical way to help myself out of this slump.
Life coaching gave me practical ways to work on those areas in my life. I now believe that I can make a success of my life instead of standing in my own way with my doubts and fears. Before life coaching I was keeping the truth about who I am away from myself to “protect” myself. I now realise that this “protection” has done more harm than putting myself out there ever could. As someone who has felt hopeless and depressed for a long time and now see hope and happiness for the future, I challenge anyone with fears, doubts and insecurities about their life to do life coaching. You will never regret it!”