Nothing is exactly as it seems.

It is always more. More details. More truth. More worthiness. More purpose.

There is more going on behind the scenes of life than meets the eye.

What we see is only a fraction of reality.

The same applies to you and me.

The part of us that shows up in physical terms is the tip of an iceberg.

Most of us live and operate purely from a structure that formed around the tip. As an isolated tip, we are mentally disconnected from the unseen parts which connect us to the heart of the entire ocean. Our physical eyes can only perceive life as a tip and must purely rely on personality to survive and be something.

Personality, a form of the ego, develops and strengthens through the eyes of a child in order to survive the storms of childhood. During this innocent phase, we can only get a grip on what we see, feel, touch and hear from the top of the tip. As children, we sift reality through our creative minds and come to certain conclusions about who we are and how we are going to create a reliant iceberg structure on the tip. The ego is not evil – it’s a natural survival strategy and part of human development.

The personality can only exist and keep its shape on the surface of our lives. Its determined purpose is to turn the tip into a complete, safe, solid, majestic iceberg in order to prove a worthy existence to self and others. This self-assigned life project is reliant on what is visible, can be felt, touched and heard according to the guidelines of an old script. Unfortunately, it only offers short term relief, is constantly under threat and can therefore never bring stability.

The ego cannot create anything that is real.

What part of human beings resists the process of self-discovery and inner work?

It is the personality-captain that resists, criticizes and condemns any notion in this direction. The self-appointed captain in your life is extremely willful, super sensitive and fights against any notion of change or the loss of its pseudo control.

Who will I be without the well-formed, protective structure around my iceberg tip?


What is real already exists.

I passionately invite you to join me in this discovery. Every now and again I connect with the nameless parts of me that are hidden underneath the surface. It is pure bliss to be connected to life in this way. In these moments I experience my unbreakable connection to the entire ocean.

The greatest part of who you are is hidden underneath the surface and connected. Becoming aware of what this entails relaxes the strenuous efforts of the ego to recreate what it believes is lacking.

Look inside.

Part of you flows with

a calm uncontainable strength,

an unstoppable peace that is indescribable,

a redefined form of perfection and goodness that includes all,

an unhindered capacity to experience, honour and allow your needs and the needs of others,

an effortless ability to shine and carry the glory of who you are and who you are becoming,

the mystery and beauty of an undefined identity rooted in connection,

the exhilaration of exploring the unknown until it becomes known,

the pure courage that thrives now, and knows what to do and

the causeless positivity that adds yellow in every moment

simply because you are in it.

Relax the intentions of your ego and dare to explore the fullness of who you are. During this process, you will also discover the hidden more in others.

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