Life is made up out of many steps. In some seasons we walk, in others we run and then there are those in which we feel as if we crawl.

We are constantly on the move.

Even our bodies follow this rhythm. I left so many parts of my six-year old version behind. My body, mind and soul step into something new each year. Most changes are subtle and take place gradually. We barely notice them.

And then there are those moments when a huge gap appears right in front of us and forces our feet to come to a standstill. In these times we instinctively know that we cannot continue strolling down a well-known path. We either have to turn around and re-walk our past (knowing that this is not really a long-term solution and we will simply kill time) or WE HAVE TO JUMP QUICKLY WITH A GREAT FORCE.

Since the beginning of time, human beings have had the ability to explore, create and evolve. We are intrigued with the unknown. In spite of our hesitance and fear of the outcome, we still all experience these moments where life forces us to come to a standstill and face huge open spaces that we need to bridge.

This can happen in many ways. Sometimes the death of a loved one. A sudden change at work. Financial difficulties or even unexpected prosperity. Getting married. Children growing up and becoming independant.

More often than not the chasm shows up inside of us and not in our external circumstances. You wake up one morning and know that you cannot continue to live in the same way as yesterday and the day before.

I believe we still have some of the internal wires and components that the ancient human explorers used to survive. They had to move into the unknown, conquer it, settle and enjoy until a new unknown called them. Without this rhythm we would still have a life expectancy of 35 years, similar to the 17th century. According to the OECD the average life expectancy in 2018 is 80 years.

Did this happen by chance or is this the mysterious working of God alone?

Over the past 320 years human beings have leapt. Intrinsically driven through their needs and circumstances (the mysterious working of God?) they stood still, calculated the costs of going back to the way things used to be and then

quickly jumped a long way or to a great height with a great force into the unknown.

This is the only time when the exploration-components in us get activated. In the midst of a powerful leap, something in us gets turned on and we feel more alive, more attuned, more brave and useful. We become part of a far greater mysterious working and just like one simple node in the nervous system of the body has the power to influence the entire body, we are all nodes on earth connected and empowered to influence things far greater than our understanding.

In the last 320 years, human beings have played their part to improve life expectancy on earth with 45 years. It is said that with immunotherapy and modulation the first human being that will become 1000 years old has already been born.

Allow me to share just a few personal LEAPS from the past two years. I experienced an internal chasm. I could not explain it or see the gap with my physical eyes but I knew after many years of walking and enjoying life, it was time to stand still. My exploration-components signaled the need for activation for a while now. I ignored it because life seemed safe.

The signal rarely becomes silent. On the contrary mine turned into a siren.

I knew I would either step into a depressive state of mind with the status quo or I needed to stand still and LEAP. I did. I changed the direction of my life completely by certifying as a Life Coach.

Yes, I was not always sure whether I leaped in the right direction. I went through frustration here and there. I longed for my easy-going days when life seemed less interrupted.

Yet in these two years, I could see how my “activated nodes” activated other nodes, whose activation influenced even more others…

The process of Life Coaching gave me the tools to make a quick power jump with great force and therefore I can share it with my clients. Our individual leaps are rarely for our benefit only.

My Life Coaching leap lead me to another one. Years of learning, writing, and rewriting material about Human Behaviour Patterns lead me to leap not only to individual clients but also to the workplace.

Before long I got booked by various companies (pictures of a few below). I also got booked to do sessions with teachers from various schools.




Once again this jump lead me to another leap – my first solo travel to attend an advanced certification course focusing on Human Behaviour Patterns and how to interrupt them (Presented in Egypt in 2019).

Who knows where this leap will take me?

One thing is for sure, it won’t keep me in same place I am today.

And this my friends is how we grow and positively impact our world.

One leap at a time.

When last did you, your family or business take a quick powerful jump?




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