What comes to mind when your eyes glance over the title of this blog?

My unfiltered reaction, whenever the word NEW pops up,  is mostly a frown.  My emotions lean toward a red-alert-reaction, because of the thought that whatever is new, will be worse than the status quo. It does not matter whether the word appears in my inbox or in a text message from my husband, saying: “I have a new plan for…….. our house, the weekend away, our budget structure……” Something about the word new seems challenging to my nervous system. “Mom I met a new guy today.” “You have a new job description.” “We now have a new government.” “We are looking into new ways to structure the Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa.”



I am not the only one who feels threatened by uncertainty and the change that accompanies the word new.



It is therefore totally understandable that many prospective clients hesitate before committing to book their first Life Coaching session with me. We all know that we acquired our personality defenses for good reasons and may still feel that we have good reasons to keep them, even if they are often built to escape the mystery of living. Few feel ready to examine, challenge and change old stagnant thought patterns.

The big question remains: “What do our defenses give us compared with what they cost us?”

I can only speak from my own experience. The type of new that I saw in the lives of clients after a little bit of Life Coaching showed up as excitement, choices and options, freedom, a fresh twinkle in the eye and new LIFE.

We are entering Spring.

The month of NEW.

Fresh growth.

Why not see it as a time of expectation, opportunity, advantage, benefit, gain and results?

You owe it to yourself.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to further this conversation.

Happy New Life

Liezl Pape




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