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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The reason why we are on earth is to learn and to grow as humans.”  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

One statement has resurfaced over years during my conversations with others: “Sometimes I simply feel that I don’t belong on earth. Things feel wrong and out of place here. I just want to go back to the peaceful place that I came from.”

There is certainly a mystery around being human. We all start out relatively free and in awe of life. We don’t question our existence or that of others and learn and grow at an immense pace.

We belong. The cells in our bodies echo the words of Meister Eckart: “Every creature is a word, a story, a book of God.”

Gradually we start to notice differences and contradictions around us. Our senses pick up on subtle messages from our external world and we internalize them. Beliefs form.

We are not born with a set of beliefs. They get woven into our lives by our thoughts, feelings, culture and the meanings we associate with life experiences. More often than not we distort our human nature with all the commentaries we write about ourselves and others.

Most of us are set in our beliefs by the time our bodies reach a full grown state. Beliefs take up a lot of mental space and put a lid on our inquisitive nature. We settle for less and run our lives not by discovering and learning new things, but rather by settling for old stagnant descriptors that determine who we become and how the world shows up for us.

Not all beliefs are negative. We carry a mixed bundle. Some beliefs empower us and enrich our human story.

Me and my mother

From a very young age I saw the funny side of things – even sometimes in negative, chaotic events. People started to comment on my infectious laughter. This positive feedback also formed a belief in me that the world is a friendly place and that laughter is part of who I am. My laughter carried me through some challenging childhood years. Have you noticed that it is impossible to feel defeated, negative or depressed while laughing? Emotions or feelings follow laughter (or even just a smile) and merge with it.

Thoughts follow emotions and we naturally open up to states of happiness.

Try this for yourself.  There is enough humour in this world to make us laugh every single day. It is the best preventative medicine for a healthy body, mind and soul and equally available to every human being.

I recently met with a client who felt awkward in social situations.

He believed that he could not really interact and engage with people and build meaningful friendships. He realised this in primary school when his sister made a new friend every day while he really struggled to find just one friend. The other boys in the classroom used to play football at break time while he was interested in activities like chess.

He made one friend with more or less the same interests but never felt accepted by his peers. In his mind he was not really a likeable person. After a few questions and discussions around this belief he realised that he based his facts on circumstantial evidence.

Chess, for instance is not a group activity. It is a game for two people. Few kids his age had the attention span to concentrate on chess for a long enough time. He was gifted in this area. This had nothing to do with his ability to interact socially. Because of this belief he felt awkward and therefore acted awkward.

As an adult he chose to hide in the corners of the room and not make eye contact with guests during social events. He separated himself from others. While thinking about this he started to question the belief that he cannot engage and interact with new groups of people. Any limiting belief will lose its power once disbelief around it sets in.

His face lit up once he considered that after all he might be a normal human being with the ability to learn and grow his social skills. This opens up a whole new world of connections in friendships as well as business.  Dr Wayne Dyer often says that the moment we change the way we look at things, everything changes.

At the core we are all spiritual beings with unlimited potential. We need to grow and excel as human beings while we are on earth. We will only be here for a little while.

The moment we stop asking the right questions around our limiting beliefs, we put a lid on our God-given potential, narrowing our reality, like Richard Rohr calls it. Limiting beliefs can be replaced by empowering beliefs. These beliefs value LIFE and POTENTIAL.

Empowering beliefs enable us to lead flourishing lives. These beliefs influence our behaviour, attitude and actions in a positive, constructive way.

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” Anthony Robbins

Human beings have the awesome ability to… choose… Today is the best time to be alive. Choose to learn, grow and see a broader view of reality.