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Not too long ago, I had a conversation with one of my extraordinary clients. This brave lady is in a challenging chapter in her life.

She offered me space to express my thoughts. I experienced something quite profound. I listened to myself and felt as if the words were destined to reach my own ears.

Something invisible became visible.

My daughter shared a Science lesson with me on our way home one day. She discussed how water (fluid) can become gas and a solid. It was created with the ability to change form.

I don’t think human beings are that much different. I believe we are spirit. Just like our Creator. We are connected to each other and our Creator with our spirit. It is our truest form and the center of our being. Our true selves. Our spirit changed into a form the day we were born.

A temporary home. Please allow me for a moment to share my imaginative thoughts with you…

  • I imagine that my formless spirit was looking forward to the moment when the Creator granted its wish to become form.
  • I imagine there was a wordless urge to know itself, feel itself, express itself and enjoy itself as a human being.
  • I imagine that the only place and time when this is possible is while we are living in human bodies.
  • I imagine the Creator is part of the experience because there is no separation between Spirit and spirit.

And this is what I shared with myself while sharing with my client:

The joy of living is not found in perfect circumstances.

I often lose track of what THIS is all about.

More often than not I want to dismiss this moment to get to something shiny in the future. I then see the present as a stumbling block. And when this moment offers too little drama, then I create my own by drowning in memories of things in the past that were disappointing or painful.

Dear Liezl and dear client, please live today one moment at a time. Cherish the fact that each moment irrespective of how painful or joyful it might be offers the opportunity for your spirit to be connected to a human experience. Every moment you stand in front of another human being both of you have the privilege to see each other. This will be the only time when you will be able to touch and feel. Its true, some seasons of life include unthinkable suffering but through it we still experience aliveness if we accept the moment and stay connected to the untouchable, unrestricted, eternal spirit that dwells within us. There’s an undescribable joy and causeless positivity connected to being alive in a human body. It can only be felt in this moment.

What we stress and cry about today, the change we insist on and yearn for in the future as well as what we wish we could have changed in the past is the invisible enemy. The enemy is within and conveys one message – life on earth is a curse. 

Let’s take hands, and look at the blue sky and realise how privileged we are. Let’s remember that only in this life will we be able to drink cuppachino’s, eat chocolate, play with our children, snooze with a cat in the wintersun, experience heartache and work through challenges. It is inevitable – we don’t know when, but this shall pass.

This is why we experience a deep sense of loss when someone passes away. On a deeper level we know they don’t sieze to exist, but that they change from form to formless. From seen to unseen. The depths of our being and something greater than our understanding cherishes life.

I  conclude with the words of Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”