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2018. What a year!

Not only did I swiftly step into a brand new direction for my life, but I also experienced a fair measure of success while doing it.

From my point of view words associated with success can be defined as:

BRAVE DECISIONS without any guarantees.

PARTICIPATION despite of the niggling threat that I may end up feeling ashamed.

A WORTHY MOTIVATION not influenced by the fear that I might be misunderstood and therefore leave room for others to label my actions as “self serving”.

THE GUTS TO FIND MY VOICE IN SILENCE AND SOLITUDE and then SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD without hesitation or external confirmation.

LIVING PROOF that I am investing time and energy into things that POSITIVELY INFLUENCE me, others and the world.

The other side of the coin made me aware of the blind spots which I AM BRAVE ENOUGH TO CALL BAD. In no way is this a moralistic attack on myself but rather a real, loving glance born out of self-respect and the need to protect my mission.

I got SUCKED IN by social media. Don’t stop reading yet. I am not condemning it. I simply realised that I LOST BALANCE. Social media offers an amazing opportunity to connect with others instantly and worldwide, promote fantastic products and services, share news and invite participation for worthy causes and offer solutions and assistance to those who need it. Help is always only one click away. I am truly grateful for these platforms.

Many people connect with me and make use of what I offer through it. It does play a vital role in my business YET in a very subtle way I started to DEVIATE more and more FROM MY CORE MOTIVATION.


Because I AM HUMAN.

My brain got used to the dopamine kick that got released when a new like appeared or a message notification appeared in messenger. Sometimes I felt great disappointment when a stranger who had absolutely no interest in what I was offering asked me how my day was or waved at me. The disappointments only lead to more habitual checking to a point where I realised that I don’t have a choice anymore. I act in the service of demand coming from my own brain.

Cal Newport wrote a brilliant book titled “DEEP WORK – rules for focused success in a distracted world.” We all know that authentic, attention-gripping creativity and problem solving are never born out an overload of information or stimulation. These abilities rise when there are not distractions.

Looking forward  I am not going to quit social media. I am also an advocate for moderation just like Thomas Frank. He offers sound advice in the following short you tube clip about managing time on social media.

December will be the month of COLD TURKEY. No social platforms for 30 days. For the New Year I am setting clear goals around when and how much I will use these platforms.

At the end of the day you and I are magnificent beings. We are all necessary for the unfolding of things not only in our own lives but also in the lives of others. Our actions echo.

May I end this year by inviting you to protect your well being. Ban the phone and social media while spending time with children, friends and family. Create space for a lack of distractions and even a little bit of boredom so that the brain can re-boot and open up to new possibilities around unhealthy habits in the year to come.

Many blessings