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I realize, more than ever, just how much we received when we were created as humans. We are entrusted with moving, ever changing, exuberant LIFE on earth.

With the gift of life comes responsibility. The ABILITY to RESPOND to whatever might be next.

Nowadays we have so many challenges to respond to. Droughts, floods, poverty, wealth, unstable politics, relationships that are stuck, loss, gain, newborns, death.

A lot of energy goes into predicting and controlling the “whatever may be next”, mostly because we don’t think we will survive the blow that comes with change.

But we can.

Human beings have an immense ability to adapt.

The force of a huge wave crashing into a solid rock in the middle of the ocean rarely disconnects it from its base.

Over time the shape and size might alter. I witnessed this altering process in Thailand while we were on a family vacation. The movement of water forced the rock formations to change.

The constant war between the water and these giant rock formations resulted in destruction.

This perceived destructive force caused change. Change brought new opportunities. Beautiful opportunities. We spent an entire day on canoes exploring these magnificent caves. These altered rock giants draw a diversity of living creatures to their scarred crevices. We observed so many forms of life that was hidden while observing it only from the outside. We discovered a multitude of treasures, only accessible through the openings caused by the onslaught of external storms,

My dear friends, this feels like a powerful metaphor of human life. Many of us will be able to relate to these rock giants who are at the receiving end of the powerful blows caused by the storms of life.

Yet there are those who  stand firm in the realization that no matter how big and strong the waves of life are, they have the ability to respond to whatever changes might be next.

These human giants reveal that we all have treasures hidden deep inside of ourselves – we are connected, unmovable, and adaptable.

We have the ability to respond in new ways. This will draw others to us, even through our battle scars.





Lets remain inquisitive about movement.

Lets seek for hidden treasures in the heart of every storm.

Lets adapt.


Re-spect. This literally means look (spect) for a second time (re) with great focus until the object becomes clear.

The storms of diversity will bring change. It is inevitable.









Yet we are wired to use these changes as an introduction to the next season.