I have one memory that constantly surfaces in all the stages of my life...

“During my final year in High School, a group of cool kids discussed their future endeavours and while exchanging high profile career possibilities, one looked up and asked: “So Liezl, what are you going to do with your life?” The answer was not a new one. It was one I had known from a very young age. It was simple. “I want to change the world – one person at a time. Starting with me.”

This was not received well and I was labelled as an optimist with her head in the clouds. The state of the world can’t be changed. Who am I anyway to have such a grandiose dream?

By grace and many deliberate, consistent, mostly small actions, I managed to carry this dream through unpredictable, beautiful, messy and adventurous years. I based my life on a series of “Yesses”, sometimes at great cost. I said yes to participation, to growth and to new expressions of life. In short, I said yes to change.

Now, in the second half of my life, I am able to draw from my extensive knowledge of and vast experience with universal human behaviour and thought patterns. This is a product of years of personal inner work as well as the successful completion of numerous Enneagram (Study of Human Behaviour) courses presented by a variety of top teachers, each skilled in their respective discipline.

For the past ten years I have immersed myself in groupwork, focussing on spiritual growth and personal development. I became experienced in establishing meaningful rapport with others. My BA degree and subsequent experience as a High School teacher has helped me to relate and connect with young adults.

As a Life Coach I am ready to give a new expression to my life mission.

We can change our world. One person at a time.
Take responsibility for life.
Do not waste one more day.
Say yes